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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Who Are the Lions?
    Lions are men and women  who have joined together in one of 47,000 clubs throughout the world to address the needs of the handicapped and needy in their communities and elsewhere.


  • What Do Lions Do?
    Lions get together to serve blind, vision impaired and needy clients, to raise funds for their charitable activities and to conduct club business.  Individual clubs meet on a regular schedule to plan and carry out their activities, for fun and fellowship and, usually, for a meal and often a program of general interest.  Each year, most clubs hold one or more fund raisers for the general public.

  • How Can I Become a Lion?
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  • What Causes Do Lions Support?
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  • Where Do Lions Funds Come From?
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  • Do Lions Collect Used Eyeglasses?
    Most Lions Clubs in the United States collect used eyeglasses for reprocessing and distribution to needy persons throughout the world.  Clubs in our District also collect used hearing aids for the needy.  We also collect used ink and toner cartridges and used cell phones to be refurbished and sold to help finance our sight and hearing programs.  Area collection points are listed here.  Instructions for donation outside our District can be found here.


  • Do Lions Collect Used Hearing Aids?
    Lions of District 4-C3 collect used hearing aids to be reprocessed for distribution to needy persons.  Used hearing aids may be deposited in Lions Eyeglass Collection Boxes.

  • What Else Do Lions Collect?
    Local lions collect used ink and toner cartridges and unwanted cell phones.  These items are sold to recyclers to help finance our charity projects.  These items may be left in Lions Eyeglass Collection Boxes. 

  • Do Lions Operate a Thrift Store?
    Lions of District 4-C3 operate a Thrift Store called Lions Closet, located in Pittsburg, California.  For more information, click the ad on the left of this page.

  • How Can I Find a Lions Club?
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  • Is there someone I can talk to about Lions?
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