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District Governor Rajen Thapa

Rajen Thapa was born and raised in Itahari, a beautiful haven in Eastern Nepal with his 5 brothers and a sister. Rajen attended schools and universities mainly in India. He began his career as a Secondary School teacher in 1983. He advanced to the role of Vice Principal of Peace Zone Secondary School in Itahari, Sunsari, Nepal. Rajen chased his dream further and founded Modern Preparatory Secondary Boarding School in 1993 in Itahari, Sunsari.

As a successful academician, Rajen flourished further in his profession to become a lecturer of English at the Janata Multiple Campus, Itahari, Nepal. Meanwhile, he also started training prospective Jaycees leaders as a certified trainer of Junior Chamber International (Jaycees).

Lion Rajen joined the Lions Club of Itahari, Sunsari in 1996 and served as President and continued serving as Zone and Region Chair.

After moving to the United States, Rajen entered into the restaurant business. He is the co-owner of four restaurants in the Bay Area.

He was the charter president of the Berkeley Annapurna Lions Club. With the support of others, Rajen has been instrumental in developing Lions Clubs throughout California, Virginia, Connecticut, New York and Alabama.

Rajen is a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow.

Rajen resides in El Cerrito with his wife, Bijaya and their two children (Priyanka and Pratik).




First, I would like to define the meaning of Namaste:  This is a greeting meaning:

“I salute the divine in you.”


I would like to begin this open letter, with a brief overview of what has happened not only while many of us where in Chicago but the last sixty days in our Lions Clubs International organization.


Thirty Thousand Lions from around the world gathered and celebrated 100 years of service, but also began the last year of the Centennial Celebration with even greater goals of service to humanity. Lions united with one common theme of “WE SERVE.”


This is the year of the “Power of We” as introduced by Lions Clubs International President

Dr. Naresh Aggarwal, as the unifying concept. ALL Lions sharing ideas, working together to accomplish our goals.


District 4-C3 is looking for new projects and strengthening our established ones. This is the time to reestablish zone and region projects. If you have an idea(s), please bring them forward because we need to share our visions and continue to serve our communities to meet their needs.


Lions Clubs International has announced that we make the Diabetes epidemic a global signature cause. Also, more research for Pediatric Cancer. During the upcoming months, more information will be shared.


The Global Service Framework includes the service areas of Vision, Hunger, Environment, Pediatric Cancer and Diabetes. The focus is for ALL Lions and Leos to serve 200 million people per year by 2021. District 4-C3 will be supporting this framework as we begin our next 100 years of service.


As a member of the Specialty Club Development Team, we will continue to assist Districts in California and the United States to form new clubs. Currently, Nepalese clubs have been charted in Districts 4-C6, 4-L6 and 4-C3. There is organizational work being done in 4-C5, Virginia and Alabama.


District 4-C3 will join and support the “Power of WE.” We will work together in Service, join and support the Global Vision of Lions to be the global leader in community and humanitarian service.

Governor's Message...