2nd Vice District Governor Linda Barbara

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2nd Vice District Governor's Message...
Service is a privilege

Linda was born and raised in Phoenix Arizona with 2 younger brothers and 2 younger sisters.  Linda lived and attended schools in Arizona until she moved to California and continued her education in the field of semiconductor technology.


After 20 years of her semiconductor career she retired and moved to Discovery Bay with her husband.

After moving to Discovery Bay, she bought her own health fitness studio, in 2005 and had a flourishing business and a great network of friends.  That is when she joined the Byron Delta Lions Club and has served as President, membership chair, director, and the editor of the club newsletter for 5 years.  Lion Linda has also been zone chair twice and region chair.  She has been chairman of the Lions Hearing Foundation for 3 years and is incredibly involved with the vision program in her club and with vision screening certification at the district level.

Linda is a Melvin Jones Fellow a Kay K. Fukushima founding member, and has received a International President award of appreciation.

Linda is married to Bruce and they have 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren.