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2nd Vice District Governor James Varghese

Tribute Projects

2nd Vice District Governor's Message...
Every Action Counts

Dear Lions, it doesn’t matter how big or small your contributions are, what matters most is whether it make a difference in someone else’s life. You don’t need to save the world, but you need to make a difference.

The universe is made up of a lot of entities; however, it is our ego that makes us humans, always believe that we are great and that we matter most, above all. It is said that the universe has a way of making things happen. And sometimes, it is a chain reaction of actions, one after the other, that makes it happen. Let’s look at a few examples.

Teamwork: In a team, each member is equally important. We cannot say one is greater than the other, or that one member’s job is more important than the other. If that were to be true, we may not see any successes in any team sports. Success is always collective, and that is the basis on which teams work. Each member is assigned a job and would have to concentrate and do that. They may also have to cooperate and help the others in the team. Thus, together they move towards the team goal and attain success. Clearly, here Every Action Counts. Whether in Lions Clubs, Corporate, or at a Sports ground, these principles do not change.

Pollution and environment: Ever wondered what would have happened to the earth, if each person who planted a tree had thought ‘how would one tree matter? Why should I do it’? The truth is every single action taken by each and every person, whether small or big, is helping us save this earth from pollution, and leaving it better and cleaner for the next generations. Reducing the use of plastics, not littering the ocean, not cutting trees, using less paper, segregating garbage and responsible disposal of the same, recycling and reuse, reducing e-waste, and every single action such action, is making a little difference that is going a long way. Each of us who practice these things in our lives, are sure that our action counts, and we continue doing it. We may not be appreciated or awarded for doing it, but we know why it is important to do so.

Sharing and caring: Whether we believe in donating to charity or volunteering, or start some awareness campaigns, or contribute in some other way, every single action that we do is making a difference to some life out there. Someone gets to see the world, someone gets to lead a better life, someone’s gets better access to health and education, someone gets the right treatment at the right time, someone’s dying wish is fulfilled and so on. The underlying principle of sharing and caring should be the fact that every single action counts, because we are able to touch and change lives for the better. This is what the Lions have always believed in and thrived upon. Our guiding principles tell us that we are not to weight our actions are great or big, but to see it from the perspective of sharing and giving and the impact that we brought about.

The little drops of water did not know that one day they would collectively make the mighty ocean! This is the power that every single action that we do can have. We may end up creating an ocean, but may not realize it when we see every action that we do as a drop of water. We need to always look out for the big picture and realize that we may be adding on to the mighty power of the universe to make something big happen. At the same time, these small things may well be great, to the lives being impacted.

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