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1st Vice District Governor Darlene Ridle

Tribute Projects

  • Vision

  • Hunger

1st Vice Governor's message:

     Share the experience
          We can do it together

Darlene was born in Pittsburg, CA.  She has lived most of her life in the Antioch and Pittsburg area.  She retired from Bank of America after 42 years.

In 1995, she went to a Lions fundraiser and was asked to join the Lafayette Lions Club by Lion Mary Dys.  Darlene was a charter member of the Concord Lions Club, formed after the build of "Matteo's Dream, a Playground for Children of All Abilities".

Darlene has held various offices and chaired several committees in Lions / Lioness Clubs throughout the years:

  • Director and Secretary for the Lions Center for the Visually Impaired

  • Director at the Lions Vision Resource Network

  • Cabinet Secretary twice

When her husband wanted to start a Veterans Lions Club in 2019, Darlene became a charter member of the Antioch Rivertown Veterans Lions Club as they both have a passion for helping and working with veterans.

Darlene is a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow, a Progressive Helen Keller Fellow, a Life Member of Wilderness Camp, and a Harry Aslan Fellow.

She met her husband Bill through Lions, and they were married at the District Convention in 2003.

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